Welcome to MS Fitness Models

We believe in what we call the real 5. The real 5 comprising of healthy eating, exercise, healthy mind….but also in letting you hair down once in a while! We acknowledge we’re all human, and most of us enjoy a glass of wine and takeaway - whatever takes your fancy at the weekend! Remember guys, all work and no play doesn’t work. It’s also known as yoyo dieting not just food wise, but life in general. So we believe it’s actually quite good to relax and let go once a week. In fact, we’re pretty confident we’re the only fitness website to have both a pizza and orange on our homepage!!! So rest assured, you haven’t come to this website for some borefest on eating celery and never drinking again!!

Get OFF smoking and get on electronic cigarettes

Alright, so I was a smoker before (and yes a fitness instructor too). I made the switch to electronic cigarettes and can honestly say I feel 100x better. No morning cough, and lots more money in my pocket. You can buy sophisticated ecigs, such as the ego tank, but my personal choice is a ‘ciggalike’ / 510 battery. I started off with a Neatcig and now am a regular vaper of menthol in 18mg, which I buy from various equip vendors. Of course you can go upmarket, so to speak and buy mods, different cartomisers and clearomisers. However, just from personal choice, when I am out and about, I prefer my electronic cigarette to be simple and easy to use. You get about 2 hours off the ecig battery, so if you want to stay quit smoking, take a spare out with you! The many different mods you can buy are absolutely boggling. I’d recommend a couple of sites to go learn- the main one Ecigarette Mag which is run by a friend of mine.

Having a healthy mind is JUST as important as having a healthy body!


In fact, we believe a healthy mind promotes a healthy body. If you think healthily, you are more likely to respect your body and look after it. The key to being confident, is quite simple. You act confident. Because guess what? That’s how ALL the great actors do it. The president of the US, the UK prime minister…even the sports starts. They are putting on a big act. How many of you have comfort eaten because of low confidence or self esteem? Well hopefully by reading this website you’ll learn a little about increasing your confidence. So stop beating yourself up. Stop comfort eating. Stop that negative thinking. You can achieve your perfect weight. You can feel great about yourself, and you can enjoy life while doing so!

About me

I served in the army in NI for 8 years. Prior to that, I was country cross country champion. I’m engaged with two children here in Belfast. I’m available as a fitness training from 6pm-9pm each evening- and travel within 10 minutes. Contact me for more information below!