Smoking- the evil weed!

When my wife and I first started dating several years ago, she was a heavy smoker. I tried smoking one of her cigarettes one day, but for some reason I was unable to tolerate the smoke. All the smoke made me immediately sick, so obviously I wasn’t able to continue. Then a few months later, I was having some really bad times with money and all sorts of other things. I’m not sure how it happened, if I am honest, but I ended up smoking a pack of cigarettes in a few days (stress relief?!). Before I knew it, I was a fully fledged slave to the evil weed.

As a personal trainer, smoking is just one big no-no. Granted I had my habit down to only 5 cigs a day, but really how could I be telling my clients to kick the habit when I couldn’t quit myself?

My saviour - electronic cigarettes

Fast forward to a few months ago. The wife had started ‘vaping’
electronic cigarettes in an effort to quit smoking, and out of curiosity I tried one of the e-cigs. At first, it made me cough my guts up, but the e-liquid comes in many different flavors, many of which I have tried, which makes me want to enjoy e-cigarettes as well. And you know, I stuck at it. Out of all the flavours, I have 3 absolute favourites, which are coffee, cherry and vanilla.
My e-liquid and ecigs

By the way, there is a lot of rubbish about Ecigs in the news about people ‘not knowing what is in them’ and people asking ‘are they safe’? Without going into detail on here, I would suggest making a big pot of coffee and heading over to
Clive Bates’ blog for more information on ecigs and the health aspects.

My favourite e-liquid flavours

These are just three of me favourites, which I really struggled to get down so I could at least recommend some to you.
I have never been a big coffee drinker, but when I was growing up, my Grandma used to brew a pot of Folgers coffee every weekend (I spent 5 years of my childhood over in the US, where my Mum’s family are from), and I spend every weekend at her house. The smell was always absolutely divine, and sometimes even though I wasn’t supposed to, I’d sneak a small cup and add cream and sugar to it before gulping it down. Somehow, the coffee-flavoured e-liquid smells and tastes exactly like I remember my grandmother’s coffee smelling and tasting, so I guess this flavour is one of my favourites for nostalgic reasons. I would particularly recommend the
e-liquid flavours over at Ecigwizard - the coffee flavours in particular are spot on.

The reason that the cherry-flavored e-liquid is another favourite of mine is also related to my childhood. The home that I grew up in had a large backyard, and my parents always made sure that we had a big garden with plenty of fruits and vegetables, which we all helped out with. In addition to the garden, we had several fruit trees, and one was a cherry tree. Not only would we eat cherry after cherry right off the tree, but my mum, being an American, made the best cherry turnovers that I had ever tasted in my life. She made them often, and many people would probably have grown tired of cherries or anything cherry flavoured after consuming this particular fruit so often, but it seemed as if the more often I ate cherries, the more I wanted them, and I’m still the same way. Out of all three of my favourite e-liquids, the cherry flavour is surprisingly top on my list, although it does vary depending on my mood. I’m not sure how or why, but the cherry flavour tastes very similar to cherry candy, and the smell is really nice as well.

Before trying vanilla, coconut was my third flavour e-juice. However, once I tried the vanilla, coconut no longer seemed so appealing any longer. Vanilla is on my list of favourites because it reminds me of my favourite cappuccino that I used to drink at a nearby coffee shop. By enjoying an e-cig filled with vanilla e-juice instead of consuming a sugar-laden cappuccino, I can save myself (and my rear end) from ingesting the extra calories, yet without sacrificing the delicious vanilla flavour that I sometimes crave.

I have tried quite a few e-liquid flavours since my husband introduced me to electronic cigarettes a few months ago, and there are many other flavours that I like besides the cherry, coffee and vanilla flavours. Despite this fact, these three flavours evoke so many pleasant memories, in addition to tasting delicious, which is why I prefer them over the many other flavours that I’ve tried. All these e-liquid flavours
work best in my trust Nautilus 2 Tank by Aspire although I’m most looking forward to trying them in Aspire’s new Cleito Exo Tank.
Anyway, you can see how much I am into ecigs now. I have no urge to smoke whatsoever, and have been quit ever since. I would recommend REALLY giving it a go though. Like I said, the first time I vapid, I coughed my guts up. It was like that for the first 2 days, then I got used to. You can definitely see the health effects (I would know with my job). I would suggest heading over to
UK Vapers for help and advice - they are a friendly bunch, noob friendly. Be warned though, vaping can be expensive once you get a taste for the different e-liquid flavours lol!