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Millions of people suffer from a lack of confidence. Having confidence is the key to nearly everything you do in life. A lack of confidence can cause a lot of problems in your life. It can keep you from achieving your goals, being adventures, and making friends. Everyone from children to adults suffer from having a lack of confidence.

What A Lack Of Confidence Can Do To You

Have you ever wanted to apply for a job, but didn't because you felt you wouldn't get hired? Have you ever wanted to ask a guy or girl out to a dance, but decided not to because you just knew they would say no? There was no point in going through with it because you already knew the outcome, right? Wrong. Your decision in both of the previous scenarios is due to having a zero self-confidence. By not believing in yourself, you avoided going through with what you really wanted to do.

What Causes A Lack Of Confidence?

There are a number of things that can cause someone to lack confidence. Most of these things typically stem from having low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can come from being unhappy with who you are, or with where you live. Maybe you're overweight and feel your unattractive. In a situation like this, you may feel that you are unworthy to have friends, or that no one will want to be your friend. Others may feel that they aren't pretty enough, or that they don’t have the best hair. All of these things can lead you to have less and less confidence in who you are. Even the best groomed people can lack confidence sometimes!

Appearing Confident Even When You Aren't

Have you ever seen someone who looked confident? What did they look like? What was it about them that made them appear confident? Appearing confident can involve the way you walk, the way you talk, and your overall mannerisms as a whole. Confident people tend to walk with a little crackle in their step. They don’t appear timid and walk in short steps. They don’t look down when they walk either. Many of these people walk with a casual stride, and they walk with their heads held high.

Most people who lack confidence tend to avoid eye contact. Instead of avoiding eye contact to the people you pass by, give them a short glance as you walk. You should also smile when you meet people. Smiling can be seen as a friendly gesture between strangers. Most people will smile back.

Be Careful Who You Hang Around

Having confidence can have more to do than with how you feel. It can also involve how others make you feel. If you constantly hang around people who put you down and insult you, this could encourage you to have a negative view of yourself. If this is your case, consider hanging around more positive people. Positive people compliment you and make you feel good. Being exposed to this type of attitude can make you feel good about yourself, and can give you more self-esteem.

If you want more confidence, consider the way you are right now. Analyze how you behave in public and make a conscious effort to change that. Be sure to pay attention to the people you keep around you. Avoid negative people, and focus on hanging around positive people. This is how you achieve confidence.